Letters to the Editor 3/5/2003

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Wants vets memorial to go with name

Dear Editor:

Word is that the Andalusia City Council is considering renaming the present Western Bypass in Andalusia either Veterans Memorial Boulevard or Veterans Memorial Parkway with a one year "delay clause" to give businesses, etc., along the proposed route an opportunity to use up existing printed stationery, etc., before new street markers are erected.

This noble cause

should go one step farther. A suitable monument to those veterans who "made the supreme sacrifice" should be put just in front of the new City of Andalusia welcoming structure which is at the beginning of this proposed route if one is traveling south. If this is done two worthy goals will have been accomplished: a proper memorial to those veterans who gave their all will be permanent, and the City of Andalusia will have taken the lead in recognizing those veterans.

Please contact Andalusia's mayor and city councilmen and ask them to support this endeavor.

John B. Givhan