Citizens react to Governor#039;s State of the State address

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 6, 2003

Following Governor Bob Riley's State of the State address, the Star-News hit the streets of Andalusia to find out what people thought of Gov. Riley's speech and ideas.

Charles McCrory: "He's great. He's the one I voted for. If they'll just work with him. he'll pull us out of this money thing, too. I think he has a good plan. He can't do it by himself. If they'll work with him I think he can do it."

Darlene Blount: "I thought it was a good speech and if he can get the legislature to work with him I think they can get some things done as far as the schools and the prison system. They need to cut excess spending. They need to tighten the belts and put the money where it really needs to be put. They need to put most of it toward our schools because that is our future."

Vic Soles: "I think the little person is still being left out and unheard. These are government people with great incomes and the average person does not make such an income. It's all talk again. The little guy continues to be left out."

Nancy Blackmon: "Overall, I thought it was good. I think the governor highlighted some very serious problems that we have to face in the state. I think the best thing he said is we have to get past partisan politics to solve our problems."

Anna Erdy: "I heard he was talking about cutting funding for extracurricular activities and I think that is a bad idea because the more stuff kids are involved with the less likely they are to be getting in trouble."

Lyndsey Huber: "What I am concerned about is that some of the programs that are most necessary will be cut - like educational programs and extracurricular activities."

Courtney Jones: "I don't think education should be cut because educators are underpaid and they are very important."