Hunting down prom dress a costly venture

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 6, 2003

With the prom coming up in about a month, I have decided I need to go ahead and find a prom dress I want and get the dress, shoes and everything.

I usually procrastinate, as I have told you in my past columns. Well, shopping for a prom dress isn't something I want to put off any longer. I have been all over Andalusia and some of the surrounding areas looking for a prom dress. I have seen some beautiful dresses, but the thing about it is I can't find one that looks right on me. I must have tried on about 30 dresses by time I made the rounds of the formal dress shops. Everywhere I went the salespeople were friendly and helpful.

The odyssey of finding the perfect prom dress is still going on. I have yet to find the perfect prom dress for me. I found one dress that I liked but it was a little bit too expensive for my taste.

Prom dresses are really unreasonably priced. I really can't see how it cost four or five hundred dollars to make a dress.

Even renting the dresses is an expensive way to go. To rent a dress can get to $150 or more. How long are you going to wear the dress? Just a few hours. I may sound cheap, but I could find a better way to spend $200.

I want to find a dress that suits me. I need to find the right color and cut of the dress I am going to choose to buy. I want the dress to be something I can be proud to be seen in. The store owners try to be helpful in satisfying the customer and picking the best gown. But money just goes so far. There's hair, make-up and other things to do to get ready for graduation and it all cost money. So you have to choose wisely to make it stretch for enough. So I will look a little farther and see what I come up with.