Letters to the Editor 3/8/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 7, 2003

We must move forward

Dear Editor:

"What is our city council doing?"


I wrote to you asking this question. Since then I have been doing a lot of asking questions.

One thing I discovered, some are really trying to improve the City of Andalusia.

In order to attract people to this area, we must have changes. No, I don't like the increase in utilities, but I also don't like being without power because of OLD lines. How can we improve if we don't have changes? I hear people saying Andalusia is drying up, Yes, we are, if we stay in the dark ages. To improve, you must have changes that don't always make people agree.

I have a son going off to school in the near future and I would like to know when he finishes he can move back to Andalusia (home) and find a job paying more than minimum wage. Without changes in the area, he will have to move on and only return for weekend visits.

When the council took office, the town agreed we needed changes. I do not agree with all our council does, but then, I didn't expect to. I urge you to go talk to the mayor and the council. Remember, they work for us, the people. We are their employer, not their employee.

We have GOOD people in Andalusia, but we must move forward with time. If GOD had not wanted changes, we would not have seven days and four seasons, we would only have one of each.

Elaine Wiley