Letters to the Editor 3/20/2003

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Churchill's heir follows in his footsteps

Dear Editor:

Sir Winston Churchill's grandson Winston Churchill, who looks much like his late grandfather, was interviewed recently on television just after President Bush's March 17, 2003, address to the nation and world. He was asked whether or not he was in favor of President Bush's "preemptive" strike against Saddam Hussein's reign of terror. Churchill said that he supported President Bush, and he added something that was very interesting.

He said: "In 1948, my grandfather urged President Truman to launch a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union," the reason being that at that point in time only the USA had a nuclear weapon; but the Soviet Union was developing one. President Truman vetoed the idea. Churchill then added: "As a result we – the freedom loving nations and the Soviet Union – entered into a very expensive forty year Cold War."

In other words, the younger Churchill put to rest the notion that President Bush invented the modern day idea of a "preemptive strike," and he hinted strongly that if the USA had knocked out the Soviet Union's developing nuclear program in 1948 there would not have been an ensuing Cold War which cost billions of dollars for all concerned.

Sir Winston Churchill was such a visionary leader. Far from being a man who craved war, he would sit by the pools in his garden at Chartwell, his stately residence in the County of Kent, and feed his magnificent horses. He loved to paint, and he painted there often.

It was refreshing to see Sir Winston Churchill's grandson supporting the USA's "preemptive" strike against Iraq. He knows as did his grandfather that appeasing a murdering, maniac is not an option especially when that dictator has chemical and biological weapons and is developing nuclear weapons!

John B. Givhan


Appreciates all who helped with


Dear Editor:

Before Christmas, I wrote you a card of thanks to be published in your newspaper. Some way, it got lost in the rush of the holidays and it was never put in your paper.

I suppose it is never too late to say our "Heartfelt Thanks" to so many of our friends who made some very nice donations to our successful Fall Bazaar back in October 2002. Thanks to your newpaper, radio statons, TV Cable for publicity concerning this event; to our wonderful merchants who so graciously donated some very nice merchandise to use;

To the wonderul friends who brought cake, ies, cookies – those are always winners – to the employees who gave of their time and talents – thanks to you all.

Al these working together made another smashing success. Most of our residents enjoy this event. Thanks to everyone for making it possible for all the residents at Andalusia Manor. We are looking forward to our Fall Bazaar 2003.

Ella Lousie Wigle