Letters to the Editor 4/16/2003

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Beer advertisement was just too much

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed the Spring Fling very much, There as something for everyone. I won't comment on dollar coffee. However, in one respect, the city let us down.

I am speaking about the beer sponsor, a beer advertisement, and I heard beer was sold. But even if not sold, advertising beer for a family fun day goes off the scale. I thought it was illegal to advertise, much less sell beer on city property. Well how is city rental property any different?

The mayor and city council crossed the line here. Some action needs to be taken. Mr. Mikel, who usually does an outstanding job on parks and recreation dropped the ball, was out to lunch, or took leave of his senses to allow beer at this family day.

I have heard a lot of coffee talk that citizens of Andalusia are appalled, Well, let's hear from you. Let us hear from the Star-News on the editorial page. Let's hear from the preachers in church, a letter to the editor from preachers and others.

This "beer" at a family day, near the kids play area especially, deserves some retribution.

Bob Reid


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