Springing up

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2003

There are few things that appeal to everybody, but Andalusia's Spring Fling may be just one of those rare events that does. Young, old, athlete or artist, the city and many other organizations have worked hard to put together a two-day event that appeals on many different levels.

The arts and crafts show will appeal to those in search of quieter pastimes, while the lawnmower races, both the "amateurs" and the "sanctioned" racers tomorrow, will please those hungry for speed (sort of), noise, and plenty of action. Even the music and other entertainment have been chosen with differing tastes in mind. From country to gospel, from contemporary to the King, a wide variety of styles will be represented. The teens and young adults will have local favorite Issues to listen to, while their parents will have an Elvis impersonator to reminisce with. A wandering magician will offer his talents to amuse and bemuse children of all ages. About the only that's not being offered this year is a pet show, but who's to say that hasn't been planned down the road?

This is an extraordinary event, and has called forth extraordinary coordination on the part of the City's Department of Leisure Services. Working with the Adult Activities center, VALA, and other groups involved, the Department of Leisure Services has drawn from a large pool of knowledge, experience, contacts and commitment.

The Spring Fling has already grown in just one year. It should be nourished and encouraged to continue to grow, becoming the sort of festival that draws not only residents from the county, but residents of the state, and the nation.

For the coming years, we encourage the city to find more sponsors and offer more entertainment and exhibits. Even the largest of festivals once were just thoughts. It took the foresight of a few brave and willing individuals to work to bring an idea to fruition.

With a few willing individuals ready to take the Spring Fling to the next step -- bringing in major entertainment names, more state and national sponsors, and yes, even outside assistance from other organizations and communities -- the annual event could just help put Andalusia on that tourism map so many desire it to be on.

We have much to offer, but there is always room to grow. For those who challenge the economic feasibility of such a project, look at it this way -- can we really afford not too?