Citizens feel war was a success

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 2, 2003

President Bush spoke to the nation Thursday from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, where he officially reported the end of major military combat for the war in Iraq.

Many opinions have been voiced regarding the battle in Iraq, and the objectives of the war itself, but by most accounts the U.S. effort in the Middle East has been a major success, even if it is determined that Iraqi Pres-ident Saddam Hussein is still alive and not yet in captivity.

Of course those who have had dissenting opinions about the war have not been shy about criticizing Bush or his administration, with scenes of protesters a common image during national media coverage of the war, and of course the infamous comments from Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines that the group was ashamed of the fact that Bush is from their home state of Texas.

Several Covington County residents said they also believe that the U.S. war effort has achieved many of its goals.

"I have mixed feelings about the war," said John Bullock. "I wish Saddam Hussein had died, but I feel that the war has been a success. I think we have done everything that we needed to do."

Monika Yoder said she also has positive feelings about the effort by the U.S. military personnel, mainly due to the relatively low number of American casualties.

"I really think the war has been a major success," said Yoder. "There has not been so much combat, and this war has not been nearly as bad as some wars of the past such as the Korean War. It has been a big success and I hope that we have been able to change some of the views of people (in Iraq)."

Monique Holmes said she is happy with the war effort although she admitted that she is not completely satisfied with it.

"I think overall that the war will (be considered) a success, and I hope it is totally over with soon, though," said Holmes. "I do want Suddam Hussein killed."

Cecelia Mayes said she also has mainly positive sentiments regarding the war effort, but also said the U.S. must address a way to locate and bring Saddam Hussein to justice.

"I think the U.S. has done really well in the war and I hope it ends soon," said Mayes. "I think they need to definitely do something with Saddam Hussein, though."