Jailbreak prevented

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 2, 2003

Soon after Saturday evening church services concluded at the Covington County Jail, around 9 p.m., inmate Mark Cohron, 34, attempted to escape from the facility through an attic door.

The inmate's attempt was thwarted when he was discovered by Covington County corrections officers, as well as several officers from the Opp Police Department, who were on site at the time.

"They helped secure the building,"said Lt. Walter Inabinett, the investigator with the Sheriff's Department who is handling the case.

"He (Cohron) had made a partial exit," said

"He never left the attic."

Cohron, was being held on charged of burglary, theft of property and warrants from Shelby County, will be charged with escape for his attempted flight to freedom. He had been brought to the Covington County Jail from Alabaster.