Getting localized will benefit all

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 9, 2003

We're ready for our new City Hall.

Yes, it was costly, and yes, many people wonder if it is going to be worth the cost, but in the long run, the decision to renovate the old school building will prove an asset to Andalusia for many reasons. Not only does the city get to keep a classic piece of architecture safe from the wrecking ball, it saves the city from having to build a brand new, much larger facility. And yes, for those of you who have not had to deal with City Hall in anyway recently, a much larger facility is needed.

Do you have business with City Hall? Depending on what you need to do, you could end up visiting two or three different facilities. Need to pay a fine to get your wandering dog out of the animal shelter - that's one building. Want to pay your utility bill? Another building. Want to see the Mayor or attend a council meeting? Not another building, but another entrance….

True, they are all within walking distance of each other, but centralizing the offices within one building will increase convenience and decrease overhead. It certainly isn't the city's fault that you have to wander all over the downtown area to get your municipal business done, but it is to the city's credit that they are seeking to resolve the problem.

In difficult economic times, it is easy to raise a howl when governments vote to spend more money - especially when we see our taxes being raised as well. But sometimes necessity outweighs everything else and we believe this may be one of those times.