Domino tourney a boon to city

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 9, 2003

All too often, we are regaled with bad news - war stories, bad economies, crime, death and destruction. Every now and then, however, like a media Christmas, we get to focus on the positive. The Andalusia Rotary Club's World Championship Domino Tournament is one of those positive things.

Not only does the tournament bring in lots of visitors, who enjoy spending their time and money in our fair city, it raises money for people in need. It provides a wholesome image for all to see when eyes turn to Andalusia, one that combines the quaint, old-fashioned game of our forefathers with the modern approach of reaching out to the entire world.

The Rotary Club

manages to do this through a unique medium. They don't rely on rock concerts, race tracks, or any other loud and alcohol-flavored event. They do it through a game played by families for centuries. No earplugs required, when the only sound is the shuffled clicking of the dominos and the occasional laugh or groan from a contestant. No alcohol allowed - this remains a family event.

You don't have to play to enjoy the game - people watchers can have a great time at the tournament just by studying the range of emotions and subtle tactics employed by the players.

We have to commend the Rotary Club for its dedication to the event. Many, many hours are put in to make it a successful one. Businessmen and women with careers of their own make sacrifices to round up advertisers, sponsors, donations and contestants, and all for the tournament's benefit, not their own.

We also have to thank the faithful players from all across the United States of America who attend. There will be many of them here this weekend, and if you can recognize them, welcome them to Andalusia and wish them luck at the tables tomorrow.

Y'all set a spell - and come on back now, y'hear?