Truck beds not for passengers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The wreck which occurred yesterday in River Falls could have been much worse. Thankfully, it wasn't.

It could have been a lot better too.

When you ride in the back of a pick-up truck, or allow someone to ride in the back, you're taking your life or someone else's in your hands.

That's true anytime you get behind the wheel to drive, but more so when there are passengers in a truck bed.

Three people were injured when they were thrown from the back of the pick-up truck during the accident. They weren't wearing safety belts - there are none to use. Fortunately, no one was killed. This time.

Statistics have shown year after year that riding in the bed of a pick-up truck is dangerous. And as the Andalusia Police Department has said, it's not a wise thing to do - for people of any age.

Granted, we're all guilty of riding in the back of a truck at some point in our life.

For most of us, we spent a great part of our own youth riding to and from the lake in the back of the truck, to our grandparents house, or just to the store. As a kid, nothing was as thrilling as riding on the "hump," feeling the air blow your air and seeing how loud you could talk.

Now, we've grown up and know better. We know it's not safe to ride down the ride in the back of a pick-up truck going 55 m.p.h. Or even 20 or 30 m.p.h.

We know that riding in the back of a pick-up truck in the backyard isn't likely to hurt anyone. But, it is an unwise decision to let someone ride anywhere on the open road in a truck bed. Truck beds weren't designed for riding

they were designed for hauling equipment, supplies and the like.

In regards to personal safety, and the safety of others, it's always best to err on the side of caution and not ride in the bed of a pick-up truck. Kids may put up a fight, but remember, you are the adult and it's your responsibility to be overly cautious and the responsible parent. Your children will thank you for it in the future.