Letters to the Editor 7/23/2003

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Citizens can only benefit from ambulance service competition

Dear Editor:

Not too many years, ago, our family started a new business here in Andalusia. Consequently, I know what it means to get a business up and running. So, when I recently flew into Fort Walton Beach airport following cancer surgery in Houston and needed an ambulance to bring me home, we decided to use the new ambulance service, Faith EMS.

Their staff met my plane on the tarmac and was very courteous and extremely professional in the services rendered to me. They were also very kind to my family.

Personally, I believe it is great that the citizens of Andalusia and Covington County now have a choice of services. As a businessman myself, I think that competition is what keeps a business honest. When you have to compete for business, it makes the consumer much more important and consequently, they get better service and pricing and that is a good thing for the people.

Tom Godwin