Our best foot forward

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Andalusia, we've got hundreds of visitors in town for the next few days, and it's time we got up and told them "Welcome to Andalusia, enjoy your stay, and come back!"

The Southeast Regional Babe Ruth Tournament gets underway this Friday at L.B.W. Community College

but we have the opportunity to welcome our visitors in high style with a banquet tonight for the players and officials.

This is yet another chance for the spotlight to shine on our fair city. The World Championship Domino Tournament gave us the first such opportunity earlier in the month. Now, we've got more visitors and another opportunity to put our best foot forward.

The city has already begun taking the necessary steps to make sure we make a good impression. From lawn maintenance along the medians, rights-of-way, city buildings and common areas - to the sprucing up of ugly eyesores on public rights-of-way like concrete block walls with a fresh coat of paint - the city is making every effort to make sure out-of-towners remember our city for its beauty, as well as hospitality.

We encourage every citizen in Andalusia to do the same. We're doing our part. Sprucing up our own yard and parking lot, picking up the trash and greeting each visitor with a "Good morning or Good afternoon."

Andalusians, get outside, mow your lawn, pick up the trash, turn on the charm and exhibit all the Southern Graces with which we've been endowed.

Covington County, you do the same.

We're in a situation where the future economic picture is a little fuzzy for the moment. There's concern about what's going to happen with our economy.

Well, all we can offer is this tip: Amoco (now Shaw), all began in Covington County when an out-of-town visitor saw something he liked in this wonderful community of ours. Who knows, another out-of-town visitor might see something he or she likes and decide to locate their own business here. It's not a long shot. It's a strong possibility.

These guests are bringing their money, their time and their energy to spend in our area. We need to treat them right. We need to show just how hospitable we can be. We need to show them we really are "The Heart of South Alabama."