Young archers hit their mark at Kid#039;s College

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 24, 2003

Approximately 20 "college students" recently attended the MacArthur State Technical College enrolled in the Hot Shot class of the Kid's College.

The students learned bow and arrow shooting techniques from Richard Hammett. Hammett is one of the best archers in the state and a contract archer for Pearson Bows.

He was assisted by other local archery experts, including Dennis McDaniel from the Friendship 3-D Archery Range and Terry Rasmussen. Denise Pearce of Opp also stopped by and gave a demonstration during one day of the three-day class.

The college is also holding other classes this month, including a Fishing FUNdamentals class which began Thursday.

Baseball, basketball and tennis classes were also offered by the Kid's College this summer.

Some other classes that were offered this summer include

Robotics, Dinosaur Discovery, Ocean Adventures, Dance Fever, Rocket Science, Earth Lab, Junior Medic, Fun Shop, Up Stage, Sound Central, Girl Talk and Ready, Set, Go-Cart.