Come back and see us real soon

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2003

As the Southeast Regional Babe Ruth Tournament winds down today at LBW Community College, we, as a city can only say "Thanks for memories, and come back and see us real soon."

We've enjoyed having all the visiting teams, their family and friends as guests in our homes, churches, restaurants, businesses and hotels. You've brought us new experiences, laughter, excitement and good sportsmanship.

We can only hope we've been as gracious a host as you've been a guest.

Many of you, probably had never heard of Andalusia, Alabama before. And when you pulled out a map to find, you probably thought, "Now why are we going there?"

What we've tried to do is provide you with a good experience, hoping you'll come back again and again. Who knows, maybe you saw something in our town that made you smile and think, "That would be a great place to live."

Andalusia, and all of Covington County is a great place to live, and we'd love to have you join the ranks of calling this fair community "home."

We do have some regrets though. We're sorry you were unable to stay with us for a longer period of time. Time to really get to know our area, our people, and our life.

We're also sorry that not all could leave as the top winner. But, that's OK, because every team is a winner just for making it to the tournament.

We're also sorry if you experienced any inconveniences during your stay. Our community isn't used to big events like this, but we're learning, and we're hoping that you are patient and understanding of our growing pains.

On the whole, we'd have to give our experience with you an A+, and hope that you feel the same.

Hope to see you all again real soon.