New Junior Miss excited about the future

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 29, 2003

For Molly Grimes, Covington County's new Junior Miss, tumbling her way into the hearts of the judges was just one of the goals she set for herself during this year's competition.

Grimes, named Junior Miss this past Saturday night, will be a senior at Opp High School, and views her Junior Miss experience as a way to persevere.

"My platform is all about perseverance," Molly said. "That's my personal belief, too. To always work hard and not settle for anything less than the best."

That personal belief held her strong in the scholarship program, as she looks back on the experience with fondness.

"I enjoyed it all," she said. "Getting to meet the new people. All the girls were super, and I've made so many new friends."

And she says that with true sincerity, as her eyes perk up talking about the experience.

"It was hard work during both weeks, but getting to know the girls, making the new friendships and trying to attain a new level of confidence - that made it all worth it," Molly said. "I just wanted to do my best and feel good about my effort."

Molly also plans on using her experience on the local level to help carry her onto the state competition.

"I think the local program is going to be great preparation for the state program," she said. "And, all the experiences I'll be gaining throughout the year will be helpful too. I'll be speaking in public more, gaining more confidence - it's all going to be great."

As for her future, Molly plans on a career that will let her help others.

"I plan on attending the University of Alabama, and then got to optometry school at UAB or another school of optometry," she said. "Winning Junior Miss will help me at college not just because of the scholarship, but because it will help me learn to set goals and be more responsible."

As for the coming school year, Molly plans on having a good senior year at OHS as a member of the Bobcat's cheerleading squad, where she won first place in the WCA cheerleading tumbling competition - another sign of her talent.

"During the interview portion of the program, the judges spent a lot of time talking about my talent," she said. "I'm not a gymnast, but just a competitive cheerleader. Our squad was the state runner-up, and third at the WCA Nationals. I've been tumbling for about 13 years, and I really enjoy it."

Molly said winning Junior Miss wouldn't have been possible though without the support of her parents, Johnny and Sally Grimes, and her older sister, Anna.

"My family has been so supportive of me," she said. "My sister called me every night from college during the two weeks of the program to encourage me and offer advice."