Rose is a baby

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 14, 2003

Pete Rose wants back in baseball. Wow, there's a surprise. He wants to be re-instated by Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig so he can be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Rose has statistics to warrant selection to the Hall of Fame. He is the all-time career hits leader in MLB history. He has more hits than any other player to ever play the game.

So, he deserves to be in Cooperstown right?


Rose was booted out of baseball because he bet on games, which probably includes games in which he had a direct impact on the outcome. Yes, he probably bet on the outcome of games he managed as skipper of the Cincinnati Reds.

He broke the most-important rule in Major League Baseball. Yet, "Charlie Hustle" wants back in the game and not just to go into the Hall of Fame. He wants to be active in the league and even manage a MLB team again.

If he pulls that off, his nickname should be "Charlie Hustler."

Recent polls indicate fans are willing to let Rose into the Hall of Fame if he admits he gambled on baseball games. There has even been reports that Rose would be admitted back into the league if he confessed his sins.

Does anybody else think that sounds stupid? Say someone gets arrested for breaking the law. Should we let them go if they admit they broke the law? No!

Rose's ability to win over fans has more to do with the annoying nature of the former Red. He is like a baby in the grocery store who cries and cries and cries because he wants a piece of candy and his mother tells him "No."

Next, the baby throws a temper tantrum and cries even louder mixing in shouts and yells until the mother gives in and gives the baby what it wants.

Yes, Pete Rose is a big baby. For 13 years, baseball fans have listened to him and his supporters cry and moan until fans are to the point where they are willing to give in just so he'll shut up.

The problem is, he won't stop once he gets his way. He'll continue to push for things until he is able to get everything he wants - into the Hall of Fame, become a manager, et al.

Some baseball fans may not agree with me. I realize there are people out there who love Pete Rose and the way he played the game - even if he did bet on games.

They think what he did is not deserving of banishment from Major League Baseball. They think a 13-year suspension is a big enough price to pay.

Some fans are even in complete denial and do not believe Rose ever bet on baseball. Maybe after hearing him say that over and over again for 13 years they have become brainwashed. If that is the case, what will they do if he admits he bet on games just so he can get back in the league and the Hall of Fame?

Oh yeah, Rose is not willing to apologize until he is assured that an apology will get him into the Hall of Fame.

What a joke. If you are a true baseball fan who wants to see someone deserving get into the Hall of Fame go to the library and read about "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.

If anybody deserves to be re-instated into MLB it is Jackson and not a crybaby like Pete Rose.

- John Wallace is the sports editor of, and columnist for, The Andalusia Star-News. He may be contacted at