Letters to the Editor 9/04/2003

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 3, 2003

I say I'm voting 'NO' for the amendment one

Dear Editor:

My vote for Amendment Number One on September 9 is a definite, emphatic "NO".

Following is why I decided.


The entire multitude of words, paragraphs, "whereas", etcetera that is presented to Alabama voters in this amendment is nothing but MORE additional taxes!

We don't vote on "accountability" or pass through "pork".

These are separate bills the Governor has signed contingent upon the voters adopting more taxes!


I have listened to Governor Riley explain to the voters how "we are going to have accountability and punish those who violate these rules".

The "punishment" Governor Riley mentions is the same "punishment" imposed on pedestrians who "jay walk" or someone who puts a bumper sticker on his vehicle that may be offensive!

And it does not apply to any Legislator!

Only to the Agency head and then only if "he knows about it".

You can't have any classification of a crime in Alabama lower than a Class C Misdemeanor and that is what is being presented to the voters as "punishment".

3. I have heard threats of teachers being fired, schools closed, etc. Education funding has already been mandated to remain as the same level of spending for next Fiscal year as this year ending September 30th!

4. I have listened to the Governor "we are going to tax large corporations and large landowners to pay their fair share".

Just simply read the words in the amendment and it applies to everyone who owns his own house!

This TAX will not go away!

Your great-great-great-grandchildren will pay and they will despise you for being foolish if you vote to impose this TAX on them.

Just think of our ancestors who agreed to allow the Federal Government tax our income just a few years ago!

The Federal Government said it would not affect the working class of people: "just the rich".

5. Just like the Alabama Income Tax bill of 1935 when they began taxation at $4,600 per year!

Wage earners were more than happy to earn an amazing $1.00 per hour or $40 per week or $2,080 per year.

The bill passed because it only applied to the "rich"!

6. This bill like many of the bills passed since Great Society Program of Lyndon Johnson is another effort to redistribute income.

The bill is designed to tax people who earn money and own a house to support those who do not!

7. We already have tuition free K-12 schools, free bus rides, free breakfast, free lunch, free books, modern facilities with central heating and air conditioning!

What else could you possibly give?

As far as learning is concerned that is the RESPONSIBILITY of the student and their parents! Certainly not yours, or mine. It takes a village to raise an idiot!

It can't happen in a free, responsible, God fearing society.


We have 16 4-year State supported institutions of higher education in Alabama with about 4 million citizens.

Plus we give Tuskegee University about $5,000,000 in taxpayers money to educate 2,800 students!

We have 29 other 2-year State supported institutions.

We have 15 4-year private institutions.

9. We have State supported colleges COMPETING against other State supported colleges in the same town!

All with taxpayers money.

We have State supported colleges using taxpayers money advertising for students! Fellow citizens/taxpayers, it is time we ask for REAL accountability with REAL penalties without any TAX increase!

10. There appears to be a conspiracy between the Governor and Legislature to present this "package" to the voters; sell it to the voters; get it passed and then upon enactment just simply state: "It was the will of the people".

Our Governor and our Legislature does not want to deal with cold hard facts.

We have people out of work; our economy is on a down hill slide; all our social programs are pyramiding; spending in Montgomery, AL just like Washington D.C. is out of control.

The Great State of Alabama went totally bankrupt after the War of Northern Aggression.

Our forefathers in 1901 gave us a Constitution that does not permit Alabama to borrow itself into bankruptcy!

It is called "don't spend more than you take in".

And that is the only way voters have to manage the State's

financial affairs.

11. Let's do the right THING; VOTE NO on September 9th.

Thad Straughn