Make each day a peaceful holiday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 3, 2003

The extended Labor Day weekend was peaceful on most accounts in Covington County.

Simply by looking at the police reports and the E-911 call list, we can tell that Covington County knows how to celebrate its day off safely and responsibly.

There's a saying in the newspaper business, "It must have been a slow news day for them to put that on the front page."

Well, that can be a good thing.

We don't like returning to work from a day set aside as a "day of rest" only to report that 12 people were killed when the cars they were riding in collided on County Road 123 at 9 p.m., because the driver was well beyond having the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

No, those aren't the stories we like to report, and we applaud the citizens of Covington County for being responsible over the extended holiday period for not giving us those stories to report.

Covington County is a close family of sorts. We all try to look after each other and make sure our neighbor's needs are met.

To see proof of that, simply look to the Andalusia Fire Department's desire to help one of their own.

To see further proof of that, simply look at the countless churches and neighbors who come to the aide of friends and neighbors who have experienced tragedy.

Yes, we were fortunate in Covington County this Labor Day weekend, and we continue to be fortunate to live in a county where we care so deeply about our neighbors.

This type of friendship and caring is just one of the many things that makes Covington County so great.

Our next be holiday - Thanksgiving - is yet again a time when we all gather to celebrate and relax. But let's not wait until November to be cautious and kind.

Let's make each and everyday a responsible celebration of life. Be careful in all you do Covington County - we're all friends and neighbors here.