Bobcats round up Hornets

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

The Opp Bobcats defeated the Bullock County Hornets with ease in their homecoming game of the 2003 season Friday night. The home team weren't the only ones with smiles on their faces, though.

Senior Molly Grimes, escorted by her father Johnny Grimes, was crowned Homecoming Queen prior to the game by Auburn University freshman Emily Jackson, last year's queen. They were not the only Opp fans to smile Friday.

When broken down, the game was basically a battle of the offenses: Opp's consistent running offense versus Bullock County's potential air-strike. Potential is the key word for the Hornets.

If Bullock's quarterback Broderick Ellis proved anything during the first half, it was his ability to throw the ball. Ellis threw the ball on the first play of the game for about 40 yards, right through the wide receiver's arms. At least five other passing plays turned out the same way for the Hornets. With fourth and three yards to go on the first drive of the game, the Hornets went for it, only to be stopped by the tight defense Opp displayed.

The Bobcats were able to penetrate the Hornet's defensive line without much difficulty. Running back Jacques Henderson hammered his way to about the 25-yard line. Daniel Coleman, on the next play, broke free for the first touchdown of the game. The extra point put Opp ahead 7-0. This offensive drive by Opp set the tone for how the rest of the night would play out.

Like Bullock County's defensive line, the offensive line wasn't much of a deterrent to the opposing team in the first half. Opp's defense pushed the team back from about the 20-yard line to their own end zone in three plays for a safety, which gave Opp a 9-0 lead.

Opp got the ball back, and continued to drive up the middle. Running back Jamocolis Stallworth found a hole in the defense a strode to another Bobcat touchdown. The successful PAT increased the lead to 16-0.

Four downs later, Bullock County was forced to punt. Once again, Opp's running game was able to high-step past the Hornet's defense. Henderson ran to the outside and wasn't stopped until he crossed the goal line. The PAT attempt failed, which made the score 22-0 Opp at the end of the first quarter.

Bullock County was forced to punt on the next drive, and Tyrell Hunter ran the punt back 40 yards for another Bobcat touchdown. The PAT was good, and made the score 29-0.

The lack of success for Bullock County on the next drive forced them to punt, once again.

Opp quarterback Brett Barnes passed on the next drive, and the ball was intercepted by a Hornet defender. Bullock County's quarterback also threw the ball to the other team, and Opp was in control of the football again.

Henderson broke free, and scored another Bobcat touchdown. The score, after a good PAT, was 35-0.

The Hornets didn't give up, however. Ellis ran the ball well on the next drive, and he reached the red zone for the first time in the game for Bullock County. Tim Sanders ran the ball in for a touchdown. A successful two-point conversion left Bullock trailing 35-8 at halftime.

The second and third- string lineup for the Bobcats saw a lot of play in the second half. Opp's running game remained the same during the third quarter. Henderson, on Opp's first drive of the third quarter, ran the ball in for a touchdown. The good PAT put Opp ahead 41-8.

Towards the end of the game, Bullock County made a final attempt at a comeback. Ellis's 30-yard pass into the end zone made the score 41-14. The Hornets went for two, but were rejected by Opp's goal-line defense.

The fourth quarter was characterized by Opp eating up the clock with short running plays. They were successful at doing just that, too. The final score was 41-14 Opp.

Next Friday, Opp travels to Straughn for an inter-county game. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.