Don#039;t forget our troops overseas

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

Another e-mail popped up on our computers today. Another soldier slain while defending the people of Iraq.

Not just some, but many, have begun to question the US's continuing role in Iraq. Even more so, many have began wondering when our troops are coming home.

Several months ago, President Bush declared an end to major combat in Iraq. Several months later, the death toll has continued to climb - of which more US soldiers have been killed since the end of "major combat" than during the "shock and awe" campaign that dominated news headlines for weeks.

Citizens concerns about soldiers welfare in Iraq is well justified. We are even beginning to question the leadership in keeping our troops in the middle of Iraq.

But make no bones about it - we're going to support our troops no matter what. We may not keep supporting our president's drive to keep the troops there, but we're definitely going to support the troops themselves.

They weren't the ones who asked to go over there - but they did. They did their job, and they continue to do their job.

Now, as hostilities continue to mount - terrorist acts against our troops - we still must wonder why our president and his advisers continue to keep troops in Iraq. Not only are troops staying - but more are being called up. And most of those are National Guard troops - "Citizen Soldiers" as some call them.

Yes, the members of the National Guard knew what possibilities lay ahead when they signed up - but we don't think they could have imagined the situation they would be in now.

Yes, another soldier was killed today - one who just happened to be a "Citizen Soldier." And tomorrow, we're sure we'll get another e-mail saying another soldier has been killed.

We don't like getting those e-mails, but they've become a daily part of life for us. We're not getting used to it - we don't want to get used to it.

Instead, we would like to get that e-mail that says President Bush is calling the troops home. Home for the holidays. Home for good.

But until that time, we're going to keep supporting our troops - but questioning our president.