Everyone can help through UF

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

With a generous donation from the Thelma Dixon Foundation, the Andalusia Public Library was able to completely renovate the children's section and add 1,000 new books.

Literacy truly is the key to learning, and now, even more children will have the opportunity to learn how to read in a fun environment.

The Dixon family is to be commended for all their contributions to our community through the years, but just because you're not a member of the Dixon family doesn't mean you can't help out as well.

The Covington County United Fund can benefit greatly from the help of people like you.

As an umbrella organization that serves more than two dozen service and recreational organizations throughout Covington County, the Covington County United Fund provides one convenient way for all citizens in Covington County to give a little to help a lot.

We all know the good works these organizations do. Whether it's helping physically challenged children attend "normal" camp at Camp ASCCA through the Alabama Easter Seal Society, helping a deserving child have a good Christmas through the Community Christmas program - or even helping a recently displaced worker learn how to read at the Lucille Pierce Family Literacy Center, these service organizations take the dollars we all so generously give and perform good works - no, miracles - with them.

We encourage everyone to actively participate in the Covington County United Fund and give your fair share. For many of us, that's less than the cost of eating out at lunch one day a week. One hour's pay per month - that's all. Of course, the Covington County United Fund will be more than happy to accept one-time donations as well. It all helps. It all goes to worthy causes, and best of all, it all helps people right here in Covington County.

Our gifts to the United Fund are tax deductible, but more than that, they're rewarding. Our gifts give us that feeling of knowing we are doing the right thing - doing something to help our fellow man.

And that's something we can all be proud of.