Have fun, but be safe this season

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

With football season in full swing and Homecomings beginning, it's important we realize safety should always come before "having fun."

Thursday night, a group of students from Opp High School sustained minor injuries in an auto accident. Fortunately, none of them were severely injured.

These students were doing nothing wrong, simply driving down the road on their way back from some school spirited fun.

They were lucky.

We implore all students at all schools to exercise caution this Homecoming season. It's always nice to be able to do the things that make Homecoming so special each year. Float building, queens and courts, pep rallies, and yes - even a little toilet tissue tossing. It's all part of the festivities that make the week so special.

From time to time, we've been guilty of over indulging in Homecoming festivities. We've even been known to toss a little toilet paper ourselves. We were lucky, we didn't have any mishaps along our way. Some of our friends - they weren't so lucky.

The point is, we can all have fun during Homecoming. We can go the extra mile and do the extra things to make the occasion as memorable as possible. We just have to remember safety.

And these students were being safe, accidents simply happen, but we're sure they would urge all of their friends at school and throughout the county to be safe too.

We can't fault them for what happened. Like we said, accidents happen, but if we all practice the safety lessons were taught growing up, then the accidents won't be so bad and we'll all be able to celebrate another Homecoming. Go Bobcats, Tigers, Bulldogs, Wildcats and Eagles! Have fun. Be safe.