Letters to the Editor 9/12/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

The last word on Judge Roy Moore

Dear Editor:

I'd like to comment on the Ten Commandments controversy. The supporters don't realize what can of worms they are opening since we are a government of laws, not people. Justice is blind - note the statue of justice holding the scales.

First, sitting judges should not engage in civil disobedience and are legally and ethically bound to follow decisions of courts over them. Other political office holders and private citizens can engage in civil disobedience, but judges should be non-political and follow the law whether they like it, agree, or not.

Second, if we assume or grant Judge Moore legal rights to place his favorite icon in the justice building, his fellow judges can too.

Suppose the next judge is Buddhist or Muslim, and they put a statue of Buddha or an Islamic icon in the rotunda. Ten Commandment Christians cannot object since they gave him or her that right. You cannot have it both ways. What is OK for one is OK for the other.

Judge Moore is not following the rules of eight Alabama Supreme Court Judges and federal judges.

There is an old saying - bad facts make bad law.

Bob Reid


An educational exchange sought

Dear Editor:

I'd like to offer an exchange if there are a few teachers in your area looking for ways to increase learning and cooperation in their classes. I'm a psychologist, have worked on changing classrooms since 1971, and have a book in progress on how to turn around or accelerate any classroom in a month. The methods apply with all subjects and levels, K-12. I'd like to offer the manuscript (no cost) to teachers willing to review it, try out any methods they want to, and give me feedback about their results. Those interested can just send their address to me at 1012 Second St., Douglas, AK 99824, or email it to me at jjensen@gci.net. Thanks very much.

John Jenson

Douglas, Alaska