Letters to the Editor 9/23/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

Reader concerned over hazards of low-hanging limbs

Dear Editor,

Does anyone remember the fatal accident on Highway 84 West from Andalusia to River Falls several years ago in which a lady was killed by a large falling limb? It was a rainy, stormy day.

The rain made the trees heavy. Part of the tree turned loose and hit the car and killed the lady. I understand there was a settlement in some amount to that family who lost a mother and wife because that tree was hanging out over the road. The family was on vacation just passing through our town.

Those trees are larger now and still have limbs over the west bound lanes of traffic. Also, there is a stretch of the Red Level Road in Gantt, Hwy. 82, that is lined on both sides with beautiful pecan trees that almost meet in the middle.

Late one windy, rainy afternoon a few months ago, a limb came crashing down on my vehicle and broke my windshield. Although this was a minor incident for me, it was a reminder of the fatality on 84 West. A few more miles up Highway 82 limbs of a huge oak tree are out over both lanes of the road.

The city is in the process of right-of-way trimming along the lines at this time. But when it is said and done, I am afraid the trees will still be hanging dangerously over the streets where the public must drive coming into and leaving the city.

I hope the Covington County Engineer, Covington County Commissioners, the Andalusia Street Department and the State Transportation Department in our city and county will take measures to remove these dangers to motorist.

Pat Rathel

Red Level