Letters to the Editor 9/25/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

Columnist was right on the money with remarks

Dear Editor:

What Mr. Givhan stated in his article is so very true. I have always been a true-blue republican, but not any more. I will do anything to help defeat Bush and his cronies on the next election. I have already offered my services to the NDC (National Democratic Committee).

Charles L. Rice

US Army Retired and 100 percent disabled

Coach showed true class during game against PHS

Dear Editor:

For any of you who may have left the game early, or if you were not there at all, the third and fourth quarters of the Straughn vs. Pleasant Home game offered a rare glimpse into real class in coaching and participation.

Presenting themselves for the first and probably last time to our field at Pleasant Home, the Tigers handily won over the Eagles by a score of 41-21.

Only by reputation is Coach Trent Taylor known to me. Before the game, several other PHS Booster Club members had said that Coach Taylor would not run the socre up on us. They said that he had class -- and that he confirmed that Thursday night.

With substitutions beginning early in the third quarter and continuing until the end of the game, probably each and every young man who had practiced were veterans by game's end.

With a squad that could easily have run the score to three or four score, Coach Taylor did not. Rather, he chose to let other team members play and gain experience and self-fame for their hard work on the practice field. But even above that, Coach Taylor gave an even larger gift to our young men on the Eagle squad, a save face score. He chose not to humiliate -- which some other coaches cannot do.

Now for class act from the fan side. The Straughn Booster Club, early on in the week, committed to purchasing from our concession stand their after-game meals for their team. Now to a small school, that is meaningful. They could just as easily have opted for McDonald's or Burger King -- they did not -- that's class!

To the class act on the fan side, there were nothing but positive remarks about our facility that we heard. There were no fans on the field chasing the officials. There was no excessive littering and no vandalism. Thanks fans, on both sides.

On our side of the class picture, Coach Jimmy Reeves was substituting in the third and fourth quarters, even with a lop-sided score. All of the young men who had practiced in the grueling July and August heat have now done battle on the football field.

Thanks to all the Eagle fans who came out and supported our young men. Thanks to the coaches and fans of the Tigers who came with class.

Thanks to Jared Armstrong who was given the unenviable task of not advancing and scoring in the last half. Thanks to our Eagles who never gave up. Be safe and have a good season -- both squads.

Raymond E. Sanders