Referendum fails in all beats

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

The final tally for the referendum vote in Covington County has not changed much from yesterday's numbers, Probate Judge Sherrie Phillips said.

"There was only one minor glitch in Red Level's poll, and one challenged vote which turned out to be a 'no,'" Phillips said.

The final vote for the county was 6,740 "no" votes to 3,517 "yes" votes, or about 66 percent against the referendum and 34 percent for it. The total percentage of registered voters in the county who casted a ballot was 47 percent, added Phillips.

The break down of the votes for the 42 precints are as follows: Andalusia Kiwanis Fair Building box #1-493 "yes" votes to 390 "no" votes; Andalusia Kiwanis Fair Building box #2-204 "yes" votes to 261 "no" votes; Andalusia Kiwanis Fair Building box #3-339 "yes" votes to 380 "no" votes; Andalusia Kiwanis Fair Building box #4-294 "yes" votes to 426 "no votes; Libertyville City Hall-22 "yes" votes to 115 "no" votes; Fairfield Voting House-15 "yes" votes to 73 "no" votes; Beck Voting House-18 "yes" votes to 37 "no" votes; Opp Chamber of Commerce #1-227 "yes" votes to 355 "no" votes; Opp Chamber of Commerce #2-232 "yes" votes to 329 "no" votes;

Opp Chamber of Commerce #3-328 "yes" votes to 437 "no" votes; Rose Hill Communtiy 32 "yes" votes to 78 "no" votes; Rogers Voting House-6 "yes" votes to 17 "no" votes; Marvin Odems Voting House-10 "yes" vote to 40 "no" votes; Loango Fire Department-26 "yes" votes to 93 "no" votes; McAdams Store Voting House-21 "yes" votes to 49 "no" votes; Goolsby Voting House, Damascus- 6 "yes" votes to 63 "no" votes; Babbie City Hall-27 "yes" votes to 165 "no" votes; Cedar Grove Voting House-26 "yes" votes to 86 "no" votes; Florala, Old National Guard-130 "yes" votes to 326 "no" votes; Wing Fire Department, Beda-19 "yes" votes to 140 "no" votes; Catoes Masonic Lodge 609-25 "yes" votes to 53 "no" votes; Pidgeon Creek, Buck Creek Fire-27 "yes" votes to 151 "no" votes; Brook Voting House, Church-5 "yes" votes to 51 "no" votes; Red Level City Hall-94 "yes" votes to 218 "no" votes; Blue Springs Voting House-40 "yes" votes to 164 "no" votes; Valley Grove Voting House-29 "yes" votes to 112 "no" votes; Friendship Voting House-11 "yes" votes to 93 "no" votes; Gantt City Hall-105 "yes" votes to 317 "no" votes; Straughn, AG Building-94 "yes" votes to 167 "no" votes; Heath City Hall-85 "yes" votes to 188 "no" votes; Wiggins 5 Points Voting House-18 "yes" votes to 49 "no" votes; River Falls City Hall-99 "yes" votes to 161 "no" votes; Carter School Voting House-11 "yes" votes to 42 "no" votes; Stanley Voting House- 24 "yes" votes to 117 "no" votes; Sanford City Hall-36 "yes" votes to 151 "no' votes; Harmony Masonic Lodge-29 "yes" votes to 79 "no" votes; Oaky Ridge Voting House-28 "yes" votes to 84 "no" votes; Carolina City Hall-91 "yes" votes to 225 "no" votes; Boles Mill McRay Voting House-13 "yes" votes to 67 "no" votes; Beulah Voting House-37 "yes" votes to 112 "no" votes; Lockhart City Hall-48 "yes" votes to 121 "no" votes.

Also there were 93 "yes" and 158 "no" absentee votes.