Vote #039;Yes#039; for a better future

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2003

We have the opportunity to do something very special today. And that's truly make a difference in Alabama.

Today's referendum tax vote truly is the one shot we, as citizens, have to prove to the rest of the nation that we are a progressive state, one that cares not only about its children, but the welfare of our senior citizens, the safety of our citizens, and yes, even the way our tax dollars are spent.

We are encouraging everyone to get out today and vote and emphatic "Yes" on Amendment 1. It's the best decision we can make.

And while it's not a perfect solution, it is the best one we have.

Detractors have been filling the airwaves and pages of the newspapers with blatant lies regarding the tax proposal.

We've done what we could to educate our readers about the truth on Amendment 1. We've talked directly to the governor - one on one - helped get him to Andalusia to explain his reasons for the tax proposal, and yes - we've even given the detractors equal time and space to voice their opinions.

When you add it all up, the choice to vote yes is the only logical solution. We haven't used "scare tactics" as some have claimed. We've only reported the facts - no matter how scary they are.

We must ask ourselves if we want education to continue to suffer, if we want 5,000 criminals released from prison, if we want trial by jury to end, if we want the welfare of countless children to be affected due to a lack of human resource officers, if we want our highways and byways to be without the protection of state troopers, do we want thousands of senior citizens turned away from nursing homes - and yes, if we want to continue to subscribe to the practice of unfair taxation on the poorest citizens in the state.

If you answered "No" to just one of this questions, then you've made your decision - you must vote yes.

If you are indifferent on any of these topics - feeling they don't really matter to you - then vote no, and watch what happens. You won't like the outcome.

Instead, you'll complain that the government isn't doing its job. But the truth of the matter is, you didn't do your job, and now, everyone is having to suffer the consequences.