Acts of neighborly kindness continue

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Tuesday night, a community came together to assist a neighbor in need. When fire struck the home of a resident, the neighbors rallied round and offered every ounce of assistance they could.

In addition to the community, more neighbors came to the assistance of the home owner when two volunteer fire departments rushed to the scene to save the house.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. We're fortunate to live in a county where there still is a sense of community spirit. Where you can still find neighbors willing to do all they can to ease the pain of a neighbor in need.

The same can be said with the recent assistance the City of Andalusia is providing to the athletic department at LBW Community College. No, the city doesn't have to give LBW money, but because so many people in the city benefit from the athletic facilities at LBW, Andalusia's leaders were generous enough to help out.

In Opp, Florala, Red Level and Gantt - the stories are repeated. Neighbors do what they can to help each other out.

That's something that's not always found in other parts of the United States - even in parts of Alabama.

When a loved one dies in these parts, neighbors provide more food than would be needed to feed a small country.

When a person is diagnosed with a horrible illness, the neighbors and county rally together to provide comfort and assistance.

It's out of love. It's out of respect.

We haven't lost sight of what's important in Covington County, at least for now. But, as time goes on, we are seeing more people feel indifferent about situations.

Let's hope the indifference is a trend that comes to an end.

Helping out our fellow man is one of God's orders. It's one that we've followed diligently for so many years.

Let's not get caught up in our own selves and forget what we've been taught.

Let's continue to help each other out. We never know when we might be the neighbor needing a little help.