Drugs make our county look bad

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Another day, another meth bust. Is that what Covington County's coming too?

We certainly hope not.

Last week was Red Ribbon Week at area schools. Students learned the dangers of drugs. The consequences and the results.

Have we, as adults forgotten what we learned in school about drugs?

True, many of us probably never had drug prevention education in school, but a lot of us did.

Some of us may have never had the sad benefit of seeing firsthand the tragedy that is drug addiction.

We can overlook that.

But what we can't overlook is the fact that on a near daily basis more and more people in Covington County are choosing to be losers and go the way of the illegal substance.

We've all heard and read the stories in the newspapers, on the television and radio. We know what happens when a person chooses a life on drugs.

We're just sick of it.

And we're pretty sure our law enforcement is sick of it as well.

That's one job they probably wish they didn't have.

In the past, the drug of choice was marijuana. Then cocaine. Now, it's called methamphetamine.

Do you really know what that is? If not, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement and ask.

You'd be surprised to learn, much like we were, that people are basically ingesting drain cleanser.

How sad is that?

We don't know of anything further that we can do, as a newspaper, to help prevent the rapid spread of drugs; but we're willing to take the initiative to ask the question.

Covington County, we're sitting at a very critical point in our economic history. We've got leaders working to attract new business and industry.

How do you think it looks if the potential business owner reads or hears all about the drug users in this county?

Not good.

We want the business. We don't want the drugs.

So, Covington County, what can we do about the drugs?