It will happen, just have faith

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

When word came down that a group of area business leaders and elected officials were in Seoul this week selling our communities to potential business investors, we got excited.

This could be our chance to become a part of the mix in Alabama's growing auto industry.

But, we must remain cautiously optimistic.

Yes, it is true that potential auto parts manufacturers have the ability to bring dozens or hundreds of jobs to our county. And yes, it is true that we have the people, initiative and desire to see those jobs brought to Covington County.

But, we, as a population need to do our part to help out those officials visiting South Korea.

We need to pull together, rally around our leaders, rally around our community, put our best foot forward and all those other clich\u00E9s.

Why? Because it's simple. If we, as a county, work together for the common good of Covington County, Hyundai suppliers will have no other choice but to select Covington County as home to one of their plants.

We know we have good, hard working people. We know we have plenty of land, plenty of infrastructure, plenty of resources, and yes, plenty of want and desire to make any business we're a part of a success.

It's a well-known fact that many potential businesses send people into a community before deciding to locate there. We're sure it's the same with Hyundai and its suppliers.

We may never know if someone from a potential business is taking a drive around town or out in the county.

What we can do though, is make sure we're always following through with our manners and down home friendliness.

That stranger we meet in the grocery store. That out of town visitor in a local restaurant - they could be the key that unlocks an unlimited potential of new business. It's our job to make sure they're comfortable.

We have faith that our leaders are doing everything they can to attract new business and industry to Covington County. We also have faith that our people our going to be the ultimate selling point. We just have to have faith that we can all pull together and believe that something big will come our way Š it's just a matter of time.