Letters to the Editor 10-31-2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Recovering addict wants others to know meth dangers

Dear Editor:

I'd like to share with you a little true life history; mainly addressed to our younger generation.

Hey do you kids know how to have fun? Yeah, real life fun. You know, great to be alive fun. High school football games, dances, cars, bowling, movies, shopping malls, videos, horses, I could go on and on, but let's have some cool fun.

Let's do some meth (methamphetamine).

That's right I said lets try meth. That is if you want to end up like me; a wasted life, an addict, a life with only one main daily number one goal. GET MORE METH.

That's right once you try it you will want more, and more, and more.

Oh yeah, your drug friends are right, when they say "Go ahead, it will make you feel better."

Because it will, if it doesn't kill you the first time, or if you don't think about or consider what it is doing to your brain, bank account, your family - not to mention your health, future, or career.

You may ask how do I know all this stuff? Well let me tell you. From first hand experience.

That's right, I know all about meth; snorting, eating, smoking it and shooting it! I'm not only familiar with the expensive and addictive high, I'm all too familiar with the financial doom and complicated health problems, not to mention the legal risk.

DOING METH IS ILLEGAL! You could go to JAIL. I apologize for taking so long to tell my story. My point is so lengthy because my true message and real life story stems from my own 18-year addiction. You see, I graduated high school in 1984, and that is the last year I ever enjoyed swimming, playing pool, ball games, cars, videos or any kind of real fun because in 1985, I had to try drugs. Cocaine at first and then meth.

It's true meth is even worse and stronger than cocaine. Meth, once you've tried it, moves in as the (what you think is fun) number one and only priority you have. It makes you lie to yourself and block out any other normal traits or activities in day to day life.

You see it (meth) lies to your body, brain and nervous system. It makes you really think you are leading a happy normal everyday life.

WRONG! You're not.

You can't sleep on meth, or eat or coordinate proper body movement. After you've been up for several days you grit your teeth and they rot. You can develop diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure; or you could have a heart attack or stroke. Plus the downside of meth will bring on fatigue, weakness and you will sleep and be depressed for days on end.


Well, why am I not dead you'll probably ask.

Well because I believe God wanted me to be able to tell this true story because everything I just said is the truth. No one made me, told me or asked me but I do truly feel like God pushed me to tell this part of my life story of addiction and to some of my friends (you know who you are) GET OFF METH. GOD LOVES YOU. And to anyone who needs and wants help, there is NA (Narcotics Anonymous) in just about every town around here. Just ask any church pastor

and I am sure they will help you find one and you can remain anonymous if you choose.

I have now been off meth only 11 short days but I could not have done it without NA, family, and most importantly God. I don't know what each day holds for me. I take it one day at a time. But I know being the addict that I am I must trust in God if I am to remain off meth. I of all people know it is no way (drug life) to live. SO please parents, teens, kids don't ever forget what great to be alive fun is. Please.

John Eddie Harrell