Opp did a great job with contest

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

We must tip our hats the Opp Band Boosters and OHS Black and Gold for another exceptional Little Big Horn Marching Band Contest.

This 23rd installment of one of the southeast's premiere marching band competitions was another enjoyable day for all participants, well-wishers and marching band enthusiasts.

With all Covington County Bands participating in the contest, we're sure there was plenty of local support for these outstanding musicians and auxiliary members. With dozens of bands from outside Covington County participating, and some from Florida, it's simply astonishing at the caliber of musicianship we have been blessed with in the South Alabama-Northwest Florida area..

Just in talking with many of the spectators, we heard nothing but complimentary remarks on everything from the quality of bands, the organization, and the weather.

We have to commend the Little Big Horn's organizers for also seeking out such a high caliber exhibition band as "The Sound of the South" from Troy State University.

These top-notch college musicians certainly gave our area bandsmen and women something to look forward to when they reach college.

We also can't overlook the fact that this competition is a bright star in Opp where it's been nothing but bad news for the past few months.

This competition gives Opp the opportunity to showcase its charm, friendly demeanor and capabilities for hosting big events.

So, hats off to the city of Opp for hosting such an outstanding event as well.

Countless hours of blood, sweat and tears were shed on the practice fields leading up to the Little Big Horn. On Friday nights, many view the half-time show as "just something to pass the time" between the second and third quarter. That's not true. These boys and girls put their all into their performances, and Saturday was the chance for them to take center stage and strut their stuff as the main attraction. So, congratulations to all the participants - you've earned it.

And as for the winners and losers Š well, some may have gotten a bigger trophy than others, but everyone is truly a winner Š just for participating in the band. You've taken the initiative to learn a skill and an art form. We applaud you for your abilities and dedication.

We look forward to next October when the Opp Band Boosters bring all the bands back for the 24th installment. We'll be watching and listening.