Say #039;Thanks#039; to firefighters

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Temperatures are dropping at night and fire season is approaching.

With that in mind, we urge everyone to exercise caution when building a fire to help keep them warm at night.

In the past two days, there have been at least two homes destroyed by fire. Not necessarily because of fireplaces, but it does bring to mind the concern over fire safety.

In Covington County, we are fortunate to be served by numerous volunteer and full-time fire departments.

These men and women train throughout the year to help ensure our safety in the event their services are needed.

We applaud their efforts, skills and convictions.

We also urge each and every resident to contact their local fire departments and request fire safety information for this coming winter.

These individuals can best explain the dos and don'ts of keeping an active fire in the home.

We can do something for them as well.

With the statewide budget cuts, most fire departments - the volunteer ones especially - will be seeking alternative methods to pay for new equipment, continuing training, programs and the like.

Many of them will be holding fund-raisers to supplement these programs. We can help them by supporting them. Participating in their fund drives, offering a helping hand, or by volunteering to be a member in our respective communities.

Without the services of many of these volunteer fire departments, insurance costs for homeowners would be exorbitant. They do what they can for us, now let's do what we can for them.

There are other needs for area firefighters too.

In the county, there are limited numbers of fire hydrants. The County has done an exceptional job of developing a water system with hydrants for emergencies, but more are needed.

We can lobby our leaders for funding for our county to supplement the existing fire hydrants. We can offer our land as a spot to locate a hydrant. It could save your home Š and your life.

Next time you see these men and women who so bravely enter into dangerous situations to save us and our property, remember to thank them. In the city, in the county Š it doesn't matter. They're doing their job. Let's do ours.