United Fund: Helping us all

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 3, 2003

Support the Covington County United Fund.

What more can we say? For the past several weeks, we've been profiling different United Fund agencies. Some of them are familiar names.

Opportunity House, Andalusia Public Library, Cross Trails Regional Library.

Others may not have been as familiar.

Acts of Kindness, Covington County Foster/Adoptive Parents Association.

But they all serve a worthy purpose. All the agencies, and the numerous other agencies that we will be featuring in the coming weeks all provide invaluable services to the people of Covington County.

When the decision was made last year to unify the Opp and Andalusia United Funds into one, comprehensive county-wide fund drive, some were skeptical, but others were elated.

Now, Covington County has one fund that will assist every single person in our far-reaching county.

We encourage each and every person to do what they can to support this worthy cause.

To borrow a saying from some great thinker in the past, "You never know when you might need the assistance of one of these groups."

And that's the truth.

You never know when you may be put in a position to seek assistance from the American Red Cross, the Leukemia Society, or when a loved one might participate in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or youth sports.

To often, we think "I won't give because I don't get anything in return."

Well, that's simply not true. We all get something in return.

Whether it's the satisfaction of knowing we helped someone else, or just the knowledge that we have these agencies available - just in case.

We're giving our fair share to the fund, and we hope that you will too.

When we all work together, we know that can achieve much. And working together, we will reach our goal.