Talented kids keep fair guests entertained

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 14, 2003

Kids and young adults up to 12th grade got a chance to shine on stage during the talent show Thursday evening at the Kiwanis Covington County Fair.

Talent Show Coordinator Gary Buck said the show has become a big attraction.

"It was wonderful entertainment, and the crowd seemed to love it," Buck said. "Covington County is blessed with great talent."

A total of 26 participants in the youth contest either sang or played piano to a group of enthusiastic audience members.

"There was a wide array of talent," Buck said. "There was singing with music, a cappella, and some even played piano."

The contestants were separated into one of three divisions based on current school year, including a K-5 division, 6th-8th grade division, and 9th-12th grade division.

Winners, or the top four contestants in each division, received a trophy for their accomplishments.

The top four placements in K-5 division were awarded to Anna Bay McCord - 4th place, Michael Rees - 3rd place, Brianna Daniel - 2nd place, and Courtney Douglas - 1st place.

Winners of the 6th-8th grade division were Delana Kelley - 4th place, Mallory Young - 3rd place, Paige Watson - 2nd place, and Nathan Cordle - 1st place.

Top placements of the 9th-12th grade division included Heath Rolling - 4th place, Merelee Robinson - 3rd place, Tambry Nix - 2nd place, and Megan Young - 1st place.

"The competition was enjoyable by all contestants," Buck added.

The Kiwanis Covington County Fair concludes Saturday night with a last blast. Gates open at 1 p.m. with various admission and ride specials throughout the day.