Red Level robberies investigated

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 17, 2003

At least four locations in Red Level were robbed in what officials are describing as "possibly connected" over the past weekend, including the Red Level Post Office.

Town View Service Station, Tri-County Medical Center, Rene's Style Shop, and the Red Level Post Office were burglarized, but left several leads, according to Red Level Police Chief David Anderson.

"We've recovered fingerprints and shoe prints," he said. "We're in the process of interviewing and doing some more investigations."

Because of the close distance among the locations and relatively short time frame in which the robberies took place, it is speculated they are possibly linked.

The Federal Postal Service Investigators out of Mobile are currently handling the post office case, and the Covington County Sheriff's Department is assisting the investigation of the other robberies, said Anderson.

Red Level Postmaster Joe Livingston said although nothing of high value was taken, the suspects succeeded in dirtying up the place.

"They had ransacked things and went through drawers looking for things," he said.

Livingston added the suspects attempted to crack the safe, but failed to get inside.

"A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the suspects of the (post office) case," Anderson said.

Approximately six packs of cigarettes and two cases of soda were stolen from Town View convenience store, according to an employee who works there. Similar to the robbery at the post office, no items of significant value were taken, but damage was done to the facility.

"They only damaged three doors," the employee said. "They tried the back door and the middle door, but couldn't get through. So they destroyed them. They came in through the front door."

Anderson said although he could not give a definite figure to the price of items taken from the robberies, he estimated the amount to be about $2,000 total.

The robberies are still under investigation,

and anyone with additional information regarding the cases are urged to contact the Red Level Police Department at 469-5351 or Enhanced-911 dispatch service at 427-4911, said Anderson.