Support for the arts is important

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 17, 2003

Covington County was presented with a unique opportunity this past Friday night, an opportunity that far too many didn't utilize.

The Covington Arts Council presented the national touring company production of "Singin' in the Rain," the stage version of the hugely popular movie musical starring Gene Kelley and Donald O'Connor.

This musical production at the LBW Dixon Center was absolutely top-quality.

Lively and colorful staging and costumes, highly talented actors, amazing choreography and unique special effects -- they were all present during this presentation.

We have to commend the arts council for this tremendous feat in bringing such high-quality entertainment to the masses of Covington County.

We only wish more people would have turned out to watch.

But, that's something we've noticed about Covington County -- its citizens don't really get out and go places unless their child or grandchild is performing.

And that's a shame. We have so many organizations that present first class entertainment on a routine basis in this county -- the Covington Arts Council being just one.

Earlier this season, CAC presented a humorist, Bill Oberst, who portrayed Lewis Grizzard. This show should have sold out -- but it didn't.

"Singin' in the Rain" should have sold out. But it didn't.

And we're disappointed in that.

We know that Friday nights aren't always the best night for things. But that's usually during football season, and only two teams were playing this past Friday. The theater should have been packed.

The crowd that was on hand enjoyed the show. After the performance concluded, people were discussing the similarities between the movie and the musical. Everyone was in agreement of the caliber of the performance, and congratulating Paula Harr for her efforts to bring this show to town on behalf of the CAC.

Paula, we say "Great Job!"

In the coming weeks, the Andalusia Ballet will be presenting "Cinderella." This beautiful ballet is just in time for the holiday season, and we want to see a good crowd.

In February, the TSU Chamber Choir is coming to town as part of the CAC season. This choir sings beautifully, and has a hometown connection.

And finally, when the CAC brings the Alabama Ballet to town in March to conclude its season, we want to see a packed out house.

We have a unique position with the CAC, and we're the envy of many larger areas with our arts programs. Let's show the CAC how proud we are to have these great events and get out and support them with our seats in the seats.