Letters to the Editor 11-21-2003

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 20, 2003

Has thanks for Ronnie Davis

Dear Editor:

I want to send you a letter regarding someone from Andalusia who made a terrible experience more bearable for two former Alabamians who now live in Virginia. The man deserves all the commendation and applause he might receive. It would be nice if people there would also commend his parents for raising such a son.

The terrible experience was Hurricane Isabel. Her 35 mile wide eye went over our home with winds of over 70 miles per hour. She caused a mini-tornado which passed 250 feet from our home. About 200,000 trees were blown down in our county, eleven of these on our lot. Over four million customers lost power in virginia.

Our home was damaged somewhat. Words cannot express what we felt when going outside the next morning. So, I won't even try.

The "digging out" began. We didn't call our insurance company at once because we needed to get a complete survey of the damage. There was no worry about coverage because an Alabama firm had purchased our Virginia company about 18 months ago, in order that expansion into Virginia could take place. We had been with the Alabama Company since 1959, Alfa Insurance Company.

After several days we phoned our agent here. They promised to send an adjuster as soon as possible. Two days ater, Mr. Ronnie Davis knocked on our door. I did not know him but when I looked at his car and saw the "Alfa" in large letter and the words "Andalusia, AL" in smaller letters, I really choked up. The company had sent the adjusters they could spare to help Alfa-Virginia Mutual Insurance Company serve its customers.

Ronnie Davis met withus for at least 30 minutes. He noted our concerns, needs and damages. He offered several pathways of getting the needs met. At no time did he forget to be faithful to Alfa and its policies, but he considered our needs just as faithfully. He listed everything our policy would cover. Then he wrote a draft to cover the immediate needs, but left the claim "open" until the major contractor could give a dependable quotation. (All that work is expected to be completed by mid-December.) Because of his help a major portion of our loss was covered. Obviously, no policy covers everything, and our damage was large.

I do hope you can print this letter. The people of Andalusia need to know that one of their own was a blessing to an older couple far away from their previous home in Alabama. He brought peace of mind and hope to a troubled situation. Please shake his hand for us.

I am a retired United Methodist minister with 43 years of service in the North Alabama Conference. We moved here in 2002, following the death of our older son, to live near our younger son.

We are happier and better off because of Mr. Ronnie Davis.

G. Brown O'Quinn