Court of the Judiciary usurps the law

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 28, 2003

I did not know about the Court of the Judiciary until they removed Judge Moore from office. I found that they are provided in our state constitution, but they are not elected by the general public. I resent that these nine unelected people can overturn the will of the majority of Alabamians. I had thought that the will of the majority ruled; the majority elected Judge Moore. If the majority were displeased with Judge Moore, they could have voted him out themselves next election. I do not need these nine to do my thinking and my deciding for me.

To be consistent, our state constitution should have similar committees to dismiss our governor and other elected officials; maybe it does; I just don't know. That would mean; however, that even more unelected committees could overturn the will of the people, too. I wonder who the people are who think of these ways to bypass the will of the majority.

Judge Randall Cole, chairman of toe Judiciary Inquiry Commission, bragged on the nine, calling them courageous. I think they were cowardly, hiding safely in their courtroom with their public salaries, keeping the public away from the very rooms the public provided.

I do not think that such a court should exist nor any other committee that can thwart the will of the majority. It is legal trickery and elitism. It is un-democratic, unrepublican, and un-American.

I should


have been surprised that the will of the majority has been thwarted again; that has been the history of this country for the last forty years, mainly through decisions of federal courts.

I do not respect the decision of the "naughty nine" nor of Attorney General Bill Pryor. Pryor bragged on the nine and said the public should be grateful to them and pray for them. Well, "Persecutor" Pryor, I am not grateful; but they, and you, certainly need prayer.

The court ruled that Judge Moore failed to observe standards of high conduct. I think he observed the highest standards, both Christian and American; and that *was the court itself, along with the Judicial Inquiry Commission and "Persecutor" Pryor that acted with low standards; they should all resign.

I do not respect the decision of Judge Myron Thompson, especially.

I think his decision was a gross misinterpretation of the Constitution and that he had no right to go against the will of the majority of Alabamians. It shocks me that one unelected man can spit in the face of a whole state and get away with it. That's dictatorship. Where is the balance of power when it comes to federal courts? Federal judges have become arrogant dictators, above the law, above common sense, above the people.

My greatest scorn, however, is for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was behind all this, and Richard Cohen. I resent that they have done this in my home state. I wish that they had not taken the name Southern as part of their title. Where is the poverty? As for "Law Center," that is the Bible, a book they should take to heart. If the Alabama Shakespeare Festival ever puts on The Merchant of Venice, I hope that Mr. Cohen tries out for the part of Shylock. Now that they have caused all this trouble and knocked Judge Moore down, they are kicking him by trying to take his livelihood from him. Do they fear he will run for office again and win again? That's low, boys, mighty low.

Judge Moore reminds me a bit of another More, Thomas, who stood up for what was right, even though it cost him his life. He went by God's law, not that of Henry VIII. Our government has become like Henry VIII and is now a villain.

I am reminded, too, of the crucifixion of Christ with His own people against Him. Pilate (the federal courts) had THE LAW on his side, too. I am tempted to send the Southern Poverty Law Center a keg of nails.

Richard Cohen was quoted as saying that no one is above the law; he should have said "God's law," and he should have included himself.

At least Governor Riley had some qualified sympathy for Judge Moore.

I see nothing wrong that Judge Moore did. He donated a piece of art to a public building. Every word on that stone was something most Americans believe. Throwing that stone out was like throwing out our heritage, our history, our future, because one unelected official and some crybabies saw it as "politically incorrect."

As for separation of church and state, I don't believe the Constitution even comes close to saying such a thing. I believe courts have misinterpreted –intentionally – – the Constitution for years in an effort to brain-wash the public into believing their view. I have more faith in an average American with common sense as to the meaning of the Constitution than I have in a federal judge who has stretched that poor old document beyond recognition from its original intent.

I saw a headline in the Montgomery ADVERTISER that Moore is not above the law. To me he's the one who obeyed the law, and it is his opponents who think they are above the law — God's law. Man's law is worth nothing unless it is subservient to God's law. When this country's laws were subservient to those of God in the Christian Bible, then this country was on the right track. Now the federal government, especially its courts, have gotten too big for their britches. They have passed laws and made far-fetched decisions that are directly in opposition to the laws of God and the will of the people. By doing so, the federal government and its courts have become enemies of America by forcing God's judgment upon us.

Oh, I know that the federal government thinks it IS America, Bill Clinton; but it is not. America is the land and the people. The federal government has become a prodigal, fornicating, adulterous pimp with the blood of a million unborn babies on its hellish hands. The federal government has forfeited the faith of its majority and thus has condemned itself to doom with its wickedness. It is just a matter of time.

The weakest and most wicked part of this country is its federal courts which laugh at the idea of "checks and balances." Yes, they draw their checks and they count their balances.

The federal government and its courts will not be saved by their tricks of "law." They will face judgment. One night the people of Russia went to bed under a Communist government; the next morning that government was gone, despite its stock of weapons and armies and money. God had had enough. Just as that, one day Washington in all its smugness at its bigness and money and weapons and force will awaken to find that God has had enough with the federal government, too. Our Federal government will face a sudden and dreadful end; and all its wealth and weapons will not save it.

The federal government is not permanent, you know; our Constitution is not written in stone (like the Ten Commandments); the federal government not immortal; it is not beyond improvement; it is not beyond replacement; it is certainly not main-stream America anymore; it is some insidious cancer that is making Sodom and Gomorah look like a Sunday-School picnic.

For those who worship its LAW as infallible, you wouldn't have a country in which to live if the Colonials had obeyed England's LAW. You would have made a good Nazi by obeying Hitler's LAW. You would have put Thomas More to death. You would have driven the nails into Jesus' hands. You see, just by sticking LAW on something doesn't make it right; one shouldn't obey the LAW blindly. After all, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., didn't; and now they are national heroes; one even has a national holiday in his honor. I try to obey God's laws; laws that are in direct opposition to His, I don't intend to obey, nor respect, nor respect those persons who promote Godlessness in the land. They are evil. God comes first; man, second. The Bible comes first; then, the Constitution.

Laws in this country have been changed and changed. If THE LAW of this land were so unquestionably perfect, then there would have been no need for changes. I put my common sense and my reliance upon God above THE LAW of this land.

The laws in this land should not go against the will of God or of the people yet they do.

This is where the federal government aid, courts have descended into self-righteous wickedness and eventual doom.

What good is THE LAW if the will of the people doesn't back it? Is THE LAW superior to people? How can what comes out of a man be superior to the man himself? Is THE LAW asexual?

THE LAW, as misinterpreted by certain federal judges, is being placed above the people's will, as if it were something that sprang full grown from the head of Zeus, like Athena, recognized and understandable only by judges, as if the common man were too stupid to know right from wrong, or to know how he wants to live his life, or what he believes.

Some cry for "the rule of law." I cry for the rule of the people. We are living In "the rule of law," all right, not the rule of people. The people don't count anymore; we just pay the bills for the smug big dogs in Washington and let them whip us; and we lick their hands and whimper and cower.

I'm glad Judge Moore defied the federal court; I think that's what the majority of Americans want to do themselves. I think Americans right now are getting up a head of steam. When they do - Katie, bar the door! It is time for Americans to alter their government, one way or another, along with its courts.

I'm glad Judge Moore did not flinch, did not apologize, and said that he would do the same thing again.

For forty years I have heard public figures say something they believed, then turn around and let the media or some minority group pressure them into standing before the cameras, hat in hand, and apologize, for not being "politically correct." It has been sickening! What mealy-mouthed worms! I'm glad Judge Moore stood his ground! God, bless him!