Christmas comes early to county

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Good news is always a welcome thing. And when it's good economic news, at Christmastime, well, that just makes it that much better.

When Johnston Industries, parent company of the Opp and Micolas Mills announced its intentions to sell to Meriturn Partners, LLC; we were cautious at first.

But with the news from Johnston and Meriturn earlier this week, our caution became ultimate optimism.

The sale is nearly complete of the Micolas Mill, and after receiving confirmation from Meriturn that the deal should be done either today or tomorrow, people in Opp and all of Covington County should be rejoicing with this early gift.

It's been a roller coaster of a year for the citizens of Opp. With Johnston officially announcing its bankruptcy in January -- it's only fitting that at the conclusion of the year, the people have a high note to end on -- Johnston successfully finding a buyer for the mill.

When the Micolas Mill becomes fully operational again, the legacy of Covington County's oldest industry will again be secured.

As Andalusia Regional Hospital's CEO Barry Keel said earlier this year, regarding growth within existing industries, who could have anticipated not only the growth, but rebirth of this major manufacturing power in our county?

Keel's statement holds true -- look to our existing industries for growth, and when they grow, others will follow.

We applaud everyone who worked so diligently to regain the vitality of the City of Opp with the Micolas Mill. From the executives working behind closed doors in Georgia, California, and North Carolina; to the local powers that be that kept pushing for their city; to the workers who kept praying for a miracle. Without all of those combined efforts, this wonderful news would not have been possible.

Call it divine intervention if you will, we certainly agree there was a divine hand involved; and the will of a lot of good people with tremendous faith and drive.

We're just glad Christmas is coming a little early to Covington County.