#039;Click-It or Ticket#039; in full swing

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

Safety comes first – that's what law enforcement officials patrolling highways and interstates in Covington County and other parts of the state want drivers to remember as millions will be on the road in Alabama this holiday season.

The second holiday Click It Or Ticket campaign kicked off Friday, and the chiefs of police in the county urge extreme caution from motorists.

"Don't drink and drive, and please watch out for other (suspicious) drivers," River Falls Police Chief Jeff Holland commented.

Holland said there won't be any road blocks from his department's patrol area like there were during the first holiday campaign for Thanksgiving. He added the campaign will last until Jan. 7.

"It's all going to be saturation patrol," he said. "We'll have about two or three patrol units set up at various points."

Some of the violations the RFPD will look heavily for include proper seat-belts and insurance, but the main focus will be on drinking and driving, said Holland.

"We'll be cracking down on drinking and driving and DUIs," he said.

"This campaign will be more directed at cracking down on drinking and driving (than the previous holiday campaign)," added Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams.

Williams said the APD will have extra patrol units, which will be paid overtime covered through the ADECA grant for the overall campaign, doing random patrols looking specifically for DUIs.

"We'll be spread out as much as possible throughout the city," he said. "There won't be any saturation patrol in one particular area."

A separate campaign, known as the Safe Weekend Campaign, will be conducted by the Alabama State Troopers, according to AST - Evergreen post spokesman Tommy Waters. Like the chiefs of police, Waters said troopers will also be looking for DUIs.

"We'll really be watching for DUIs and seat-belts," Waters said. "We'll also be doing equipment checks."

Waters added the campaign will last three days, until Dec. 21, starting Friday.

"We'll be working heavily around Evergreen and Greenville, where there have been a lot of (road-accident) fatalities lately," he said.