A quiet holiday for most

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

It was the day after Christmas, and all was quiet in Covington County - for the most part - emergency personnel and law enforcement officials reported.

"Not much going on, and everything is quiet right now," said Andalusia Police dispatcher Joe Walker late Friday afternoon.

Walker said most administration was out for the day.

"We've only had a bump-in, which caused a dent in one of the vehicles (involved in the accident)," Walker said. "(It occurred) on the corner of Church Street and Opp Avenue."

A dispatcher at E-911 also reported minimal activity as of Friday afternoon, but he said it was nothing unusual.

"It's been normal (for today) for the most part," the dispatcher said. "We've just had routine activities."

The E-911 dispatcher added, since Thursday at midnight there have been two medical emergencies, two thefts of property, one structure fire, one grass fire, two funeral escorts, and one natural death.

"We don't have a lot (of activity) right now," a River Falls Police dispatcher said. "There were two vehicles in a collision, with no injuries, in Samson. There was also a domestic, and a patient transfer and funeral escort. That's basically about it."

"Today's just quiet; we've been busy but there hasn't been a lot going on," added an Opp Police dispatcher.

Fire departments in the area reported similar activity, or lack thereof.

"It's been really quiet, and we've only had one call from the hospital (in regards to a patient transfer). But that's been it," Terry Langford of the Andalusia Fire Department said.

And not a creature was stirring; not even a mouse. Almost.