Check forger arrested

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

A Georgiana man was released on bond from Butler County Jail, only to be arrested on holding charges in River Falls and escorted to Covington County Jail for five counts of forgery, according to River Falls Police Chief Jeff Holland.

Olan McGee, 35, allegedly had been forging checks which belonged to his neighbor in Georgiana, said Holland.

"Stores called me to inform me (of the forgeries)," Holland said. "An investigation follwed."

Assisting the police chief with the investigation was the Covington County District Attorney's Office, and they determined the checks were indeed forged.

"It's possible there are more pending charges of forgery against McGee," said Holland. "Right now he's being held in Covington County for the five checks he forged."

Holland said McGee has previous charges against him, and the chief is looking as far back as 2001 for additonal violations.

"(McGee) also has a holding (arrest) from Orange County, Fla.," he said.

McGee is currently being held on a $50,000 bond, but that amount would rise for every additional check he wrote that is determined to be forged, according to Holland.

"The bond will go up $10,000 for every (other) forged check," he said.