Letters to the Editor 12-09-2003

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

Coach Dye will be missed

Dear Editor:

Coach Dye! Our hearts hurt. We will never forget you.

You were our teacher, our mentor, but most of all, you were our friend.

When we would do something crazy or stupid, you would always laugh with us, or whenever we had a problem, and it seemed as though the world was at its end, you were always there to say "I understand."

You would always help us with our problems, no matter how great or small, and you would always tell us "Everything is going to be OK." And it always was.

My God, what will we ever do without you?

I transferred this year to another school, but I will never forget the impact you made in my life all the years I was at Red Level.

Red Level High School is the best. It's like a very close family there, and all of them are hurting really bad right now.

Coach Dye, you touched our hearts and our lives forever. If you ever wondered if you really made a difference in someone's life, or ever wondered what God put you on this earth for, just look around at the students at Red Level High School and you will have to wonder no more.

Coach Dye, thank you for your love, compassion, and guidance, your understanding, above all, your friendship.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, for all the memories that will be cherished forever.

We all miss you. Gone but not forgotten.

We love you, Coach Dye.

M. Wilson