Thank you for a beautiful city

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

Let's take a moment and look around Andalusia to see all the great things going on.

Just think back on the entire year Š we're sure you'll agree that our town looks a whole lot better now than it did this time last year.

From the completion of the beautiful Gateway entrance by Covington Mall, to the buried utility lines downtown, to the revitalized East Three Notch School - soon to be given new life as the new City Hall - we can honestly say we can't remember a time when Andalusia looked so beautiful in recent years.

A lot of people shake their heads at what they see as exorbitant costs for these projects, but consider that the largest portion of the costs came from grant moneys. Money that allowed the city to pay a pretty low dime on the dollar costs.

Some might say that grant money is simply tax-payer dollars. That may be true, but isn't it good to know that your tax-payer dollars are going to projects in your hometown instead of Arizona or Iowa?

We can't help but commend the current city administration for the excellent work they've done this year in beautifying our city.

We've been at odds with them on some things, but this is not one of them.

Their efforts to beautify Andalusia will only help secure future growth for our community.

From retirees with disposable income, to industrial growth to retail growth - a beautiful city makes a beautiful home for a progressive, diverse economy.

We think the city government has given Andalusia a Christmas gift this holiday season - a beautiful town, ready for growth.

Thank you, and we hope you continue the work into the new year.