Time to give the gift of life

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 29, 2003

It is time to give.

We know this, we are surrounded by it, but there is one gift that is in great scarcity, one gift that is needed above all - the gift of life. The gift of blood.

Holiday travel increases chance of automobile accidents from possibilty to probabaility, and blood banks see a serious depletion this time of year. In less than an hour, you can give a gift more precious than gold, more valuable that diamonds, and truer to the meaning of Christmas than any other. Was there not another who gave His blood for our lives? There is no better way to honor His birth than to follow His example.

We hear all kinds of excuses. There are many that are understandable, especially those involving

a person's health. But the others? "No time." It takes less than an hour. How long will you sit in the waitingroom of a hospital, wondering if your loved one will live because they could not find enough blood of the same type.

"It hurts." So does losing someone. "I can't stand the sight of blood." Close your eyes.

So little time, so little to sacrifice, so very, very much to give.

Contact the American Red Cross at 428-2680 and find out where the nearest, soonest blood drive is. Your present will not arrive wrapped in glittery paper with bright bows, but it will be wrapped in something even better - love and compassion.

It is time to give. It is also time to take - take the time and save a life.