Our Junior Miss a fine ambassador

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Covington County has sent many ambassadors out into the world. These are not necessarily U.S. State Department stamped and approved ambassadors with a capital &uot;A.&uot; There are other types of ambassadors, men and women of all ages who do their best to represent our county at its best. We have sent such representatives overseas to lure industry our way. We have sent them to state and national capitols to lobby for our needs. We have even sent one to California, to earn Opp a spot on national television.

We have another Opp youth representing our county now. Molly Grimes, the Covington County Junior Miss, is in Montgomery this week and will take the stage in the Alabama Junior Miss scholarship program competition this weekend.

Of all the young ladies who participated in the Junior Miss programs here last July, every one of them would have done us credit. More than beauty, but talent, scholarship and that elusive quality that can only be called &uot;class&uot; have set them apart as shining examples of our best.

For those who have not had the opportunity to meet Molly, you have missed a rare treat. Well-spoken, vivacious and outgoing, she is

a delightful spokesperson for our area and one of whom we are certainly proud.

There are those who will argue &uot;nature vs. nurture&uot; in the formation of a young person’s character - we believe it is a combination of both. It is in Molly’s nature to be the generous, friendly young woman she is, but she has been shaped by her surroundings - loving and supportive parents, friends and community. Show that support this weekend and tomorrow as Molly joins 55 other fine young women in Montgomery and know that we are represented very well, indeed.