Bush not interested in veteran#039;s plight

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 2004

This upcoming presidential race is going to be very interesting especially if Senator John Kerry is the Democratic nominee. If the vote between Kerry and Bush is nearly as close as Bush versus Gore was, the veteran's vote may well decide the election. For this time veterans will be bloc voting. Florida veterans, for example, are well organized; and if Florida goes for Kerry that state could very well cast the electoral votes to swing the outcome of the election to Kerry.

Why may veterans bloc vote for Kerry him being a liberal Democrat? He served with distinction in the Vietnam War, and he cares about his fellow veterans. Bush did not serve, and indications are that Bush avoided the draft.

Take President Bush's recent State of the Union address. As is his method of operation, he praises the soldier, sailor, airman-woman; but he never says a word about the veteran, supporting the veteran, supporting that service person in a Veterans Administration hospital the day after he or she gets their body blown apart and is no longer able to be a Warrior, etc. Yet, at the same time he wants to spend billions putting a man on Mars.

Candi Bennett, Tennessee, wrote:

The Warrior

His name, no one can remember.

His past, no one cares to ask.

His duty was to protect and serve his country.

Like many others, he proudly accepted the task.

He held his head high,

Did what he had to do.

All in the name of FREEDOM,

All for ME and YOU.

How do we repay the debt,

The gift given by his blood.

Do you ignore his presence,

Or treat him with RESPECT and LOVE?

Our veterans have a story,

If you care to ask.

A little piece of our history,

A great part in our past.

How do we remember them?

The lives that were lost.

They gave of themselves completely,

Without regard for the cost.

How does President Bush remember us veterans? The answer is: He does not! He has ignored our presence, and that may well cost him his presidency. All we want is respect and love, and we are getting neither from President Bush.